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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I also apply my solution if there is currently no challenge running?2023-05-02T20:38:39+02:00

    Yes! We highly encourage innovators to apply their solutions, even if there is no challenge running at the moment. If you apply your solution, your details will be added into our innovators database. If there is a future challenge that could possibly be a fit to your solution, you will be contacted.

    What kind of organisations can apply solutions?2023-05-02T20:38:04+02:00

    Start- and scale ups can apply their solutions to a challenge. We are aiming for companies that are active for up to 10 years and have a team of up to 50 employees.

    What does the winner of the innovation challenge receive?2023-05-02T20:36:51+02:00

    The winner gets the opportunity to collaborate with the partner. This could possibly be in the form of a pilot project, or a use case. In some cases, the partner decides to give out prize money.

    How much time does my team have to invest into the innovation challenge as a partner?2023-05-02T20:37:13+02:00

    A limited time investment of only 10 hours by the partner is required over a time span of 6 months. This means that all work will be facilitated by ECHT, hereby, the partner will be fully supported in the process. ECHT has several years of experience in organizing the innovation challenge and has realized dozens of collaborations doing so.

    Who has access to my intellectual property?2023-05-02T20:37:30+02:00

    The technical details of your solution will only be shared with the partner. As ECHT we are solely the facilitating party. If requested NDA’s can be included to protect you IP.

    What kind of organisations can submit a challenge?2023-05-02T20:37:49+02:00

    Medium to large organisations that are active in the offshore sector, or that are working in any sectors supportive to the offshore sector.

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